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Creative Agency

Reliable and cost-effective web solutions for companies seeking to get a head start in their online business



We offer private and tailored group courses to help you become more productive at work and be equipped with tools that will help boost your efficiency.
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Name: Luke O’Yale

Phone: +44 7708 803980

Let’s help your business grow..

Digitalization is the revolution of last few decades and almost every business irrespective of size has
understood the gravity of having presence on digital platform. But is having a web presence enough
for your business and your aspirations to carry your business to heights of success? Do you think
amongst the millions of websites on internet, customers would be able to site your business and will
collaborate you only?

  • We help plan your Marketing Strategy
  • Let’s handle your Website content Management/ Editing
  • SEO – Getting your website on top of the search engine result in our thing
  • Web Analytics – Let’s help you make Data-Driven decisions
  • Website Tag Management and Implenmentation is our thing
Trainings & Courses


We offer both private and group Trainings on HTML, CSS and Javascript



We can train your company's employees on SEO and Web Analytics


Web Content Production

Do you need help with Content Management on your website ?


2019-present Knight Dragon

WebMaster | Tech Analyst

– CMS: Contentful, AEM, WP
– Web Editing
– ReactJS, JS, PHP, WP, Drupal, HTML5, CSS, GIT
– AWS DevOps
– UX, User testing
– 3rd party / project management

2018-2019 Barclays

Frontend Content Producer

– Webmaster | Web analyst
– Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
– Adobe Marketing Cloud Tools- HTML, CSS, JS Responsive Dev.
– Project Management

2017-2018 RCGP

Frontend Analyst

– Content producer
– Sitecore and Salesforce
– Senior web producer
– Salesforce Visual Force pages and Salesforce community UI development with JS, HTML5, Angular 2, CSS, Apex.
– BAU + JIRA- AWS DevOps; HashiCorp Terraform

2017-2017 Valtech


– Webmaster
– Content Production
– UX
– Analytics Tagging
– HTML, CSS, JS, ReactJS
– JIRA, AWS, continuous integtration, Bootstrap, TDD, ES5, SourceTree Atlassian, Virtual Box + Vagrant (VDD), Linux, Jquery, Redux, Webpack, NodeJS



+ (44) 770 8803980